Project Portugal


LAND (terreno)

I would like to buy an affordable plot of land in Portugal to build a simple house on. Preferably the plot of land is near a small village with a market. A connections to the central water supply system connection would be nice, but is not needed if using borehole/well.

– Nearby Sardoal
– Plot size minimum 3000 m2 (preferably 6000m2)
– Allowed to build minimum 130 m2 house
– Connection to electricity nearby (max 200-300 meter)

price €7000 – € 9.000



BUILDING PERMISSION (permissão de planeamento)

I want to build the house mostly by myself.

– Do I need a contractor for supervision? If so, who do we know that can supervise the build?
– Does the land (soil) need to be checked by a professional to see what kind of footing is needed?
– I need an architect to draw up the pans. Who do we know that’s less expensive?
(I have a very good idea and sketches about what needs to go where, foundation, walls, pluming, electric, drainage etc)


BUILDING (construcao)

The house is a very basic construction, with only one floor.

– I need contacts with local suppliers for concrete / bricks / windows-doors / roof tiles / wood
– Help getting the utilities connected (power and perhaps water)
– Overall legal advice / help with getting Portuguese financial number ect